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Cropping and re-sizing PDIs for Club Competitions

The image should be  in JPEG format using the sRGB colour profile (SRGB IEC 61966-2.1)

How to Re-size

​Crop the picture to the desired shape. 

If you intend putting a border round the picture, do it at this stage.

If using Photoshop, select Image -> Image Size.  

Tick the “Constrain Proportions” box and “Resample Image” boxes.

Change the “Pixel dimensions” so that  the width does not exceed 1400 pixels

and  the height does not exceed 1050 pixels.


Save as a JPEG using  Maximum Quality in the JPEG Options.


The file name MUST be the title of the picture.


When ready, email images to:    

or hand in on a CD or other media.

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