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Walsall Wood & Brownhills Camera Club

See The world Through a Different Lens

The Club was started in 1976 by a small group of friends with a shared interest in photography.  


They met informally in the Royal Exchange in Walsall Wood, discussing anything that anyone wanted to talk about, the idea being to learn from each other. Soon there were more members and the meetings became more focused, with talks, competitions and demonstrations.

The aims of the Club were set out at that time and remain valid.

  1. To promote and encourage all aspects of photography.

  2. To encourage beginners to learn and practise the skills of photography and expand their interests in the subject.

  3. To provide a friendly, positive atmosphere in which discussion and constructive criticism could take place, for the benefit of all members.

Over the years the Club has grown and has developed a more formal structure, with a committee, a constitution and rules for the competitions.  The aims of the Club remain the same, and we have preserved the same informal and friendly atmosphere throughout.

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